What We’re Reading — June 2019

At the halfway point of 2019 markets are jittery about trade wars and global growth, but embracing the likelihood of support from the Federal Reserve if conditions turn south. Here are a few things that have caught our eye.

  • Everyone is looking ahead to the 2020 Election, and a chart from Goldman Sachs says President Trump is the favorite to win re-election, writes Jack Hough at Barron’s.
  • The unicorn parade continues, including Slack making its public market debut via direct listing (with a tidy $20 billion valuation).
  • Can technology keep investors from making their typical mistakes? Barry Ritholtz asked Betterment’s Jonathan Stein on his Masters in Business podcast.
  • Everybody’s looking for an edge. Frank Partnoy in The Atlantic asks whether stockpickers using satellite imagery to predict retail sales is cheating?
  • Lastly, some good lessons in brand management (and reversing mis-management) from Sports Illustrated’s Where Are They Now? issue on the re-made, re-modeled A-Rod.