Why Content Works

Asset management firms are treasure troves of market insight and investment wisdom. Historically much of that knowledge and acumen has remained in-house, a portion shared with clients and potential clients, and a small fraction doled out publicly through quarterly letters, annual reports, press contact and media stories.

In the era of social media and real-time, on-demand information, the consumption of investment information, news and thought leadership continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Firms that communicate only with the rigid schedule and format of quarterly letters and annual reports are forgoing an opportunity to foster stronger ties and more rewarding relationships with constituencies that include the media, other industry leaders, clients and potential prospects.

In a study by the Chestnut Advisory Group, 76% of consultants and 68% of plan sponsors said their decisions to hire an asset manager were influenced by great thought leadership. Importantly, nearly two-thirds of the survey’s respondents cited capital market perspectives and insight into portfolio positions as the most valuable types of thought leadership.

Creating content that fits into these buckets is a key tool at the disposal of the firm and individual portfolio managers. By showcasing such pieces for the media through Hewes’ key reporter contacts, this thought leadership can be amplified. In the shifting media landscape, many reporters are seeking ready-made concepts, themes, coverage ideas and quotes on key topics, markets and developments.

Content can take a variety of forms, including videos, social media quotes or charts, or more conventional ‘articles’ or white papers. Keys are specific, focused topic choices and conciseness.

Different Methods, Same Goals
PMs time is at a premium, so involving Hewes throughout the process can allow us to step in help do some of the work along the continuum of content creation.


  • Highlighting themes or excerpts from quarterly letters/client communications that can be refined for use with media.
  • Having brief conversations with PMs/analysts — during media days between meetings, or over the phone — to develop ideas for content.
  • Drafting content prompts or full pieces to be submitted for PM approval/agremeent and compliance, then shared with media and other relevant constituencies.

Our goal is to lessen or eliminate the burden of any additional time and cost created by a program to transform content creation and production into a more living, breathing effort, leveraging Hewes insight into what media wants and experience crafting and developing content for social, digital, print, video and broadcast audiences.