Tyler Bradford

Tyler Bradford


Tyler Bradford joined Hewes Communications in 2008 following six years at Intermarket Communications and Makovsky & Co. in New York City, where he focused on financial services public relations. In these roles, he worked with a broad array of financial services companies, including investment banks, asset management firms, trading platforms, financial indexes and exchanges. Mr. Bradford’s expertise is in financial media relations, social media, and other evolving distribution channels utilized by asset management firms to reach financial advisors, institutional investors and retail audiences.

Mr. Bradford earned his B.A. in Communications from Boston College.

On content and web strategy:

“Not too long ago asset management firms carefully guarded their research and proprietary content. But as social media and the importance of the internet continue to grow, what makes for effective asset management PR has changed.  Now, creating and distributing content and working to harness digital distribution channels is a critical part of media, marketing and thought leadership strategy.

Having great content and getting it out to your target audiences is a good start, but content has to be tailored to specific audiences, so it is easily digestible and its value readily apparent. Great PR means syncing your content, media and web strategies so they work together, driving website traffic, engaging media and investors, and elevating your firm from both a thought leadership and a visibility perspective.”