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Hewes has over 20 years of experience helping asset management firms raise their visibility in the financial media, hone their content strategy, and communicate their unique value proposition to advisors, institutional investors, retail investors, and industry groups like Morningstar. We help build reputations over the long term by creating relationships and helping our clients communicate effectively with their target audiences.

Since its inception, all of the New York-based firm’s efforts have been devoted to an exclusive concentration on the fund industry, resulting in three key benefits for Hewes clients:

Hewes professionals are highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the asset management industry, including 
• the positioning of investment vehicles for institutional, high net worth and retail markets, 
experience with virtually every asset class and investment style, and
• the investment media relevant to each market niche. 

Among financial media, Hewes is known for the outstanding performance and intellectual quality of its clients. Reporters look to us to recommend sources and story opportunities. Because of this exceptional degree of access to the most celebrated and influential journalists, Hewes has a track record of generating media placements that elevate clients above the cluttered media landscape.

Hewes professionals are in constant dialogue with journalists, money management firms, brokerage firms, investment research analysts and financial planners and advisors, allowing us insight into industry trends that we can develop into client opportunities. 

These are the reasons that some of the most distinguished and successful investment managers in the world select Hewes.  Every day, we work to help them raise assets despite the changing tides of the market – by building their visibility, demonstrating their intellectual capital and strengthening their reputations across the long term. 

About Us

Since 1993, New York City-based Hewes Communications has provided media-relations services and communications consulting to some of the world's leading investment managers. 

In a business driven by ideas and maintained by trust, reputation provides a durable competitive advantage. We assist our clients in establishing a presence in the investment media to build that reputation over the long term to reach institutional investors, financial advisors and the broad investing public.

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